End to Sykes Picot Agreement?


One of the potential consequences of the Syrian Civil War is the ending of the Sykes Picot Agreement and the breakup of the boarders established by French and British interests. Generally this would be a good thing for the region as ethnic minorities would be able to gain statehood and autonomy in their region. This would  potentially solve a great deal of the recent conflict in the region as states with oppressed minorities would become much fewer.


The realities of this are very distant due to the nature of authoritarian rule in the region. Essentially no state wants to give up any of its territory even in the interest of peace. This has long been an issue throughout the region and has been bitterly contested.

However, could this be the final straw which leads to the dismantling of boarders?

One of the largest movements for a restructuring of state boarders comes out of the Kurdish movement. The above map which shows the Kurds in dark red clearly demonstrates this is a multinational issue. Spanning across the boarders of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, the Kurds have long been pushing for independent statehood.

This issue has historically been oppressed in nearly all of these countries but this time may be different…

The effects of the Syrian Civil War have had far reaching effects across the region. One of these effects is the growth of ISIS. ISIS erupted as a terror organization that has been ravaging both Syria and Northern Iraq. Currently one of the most successful forces to combat this threat are the Kurdish militias.

If the Kurdish militias can continue to repel ISIS and gain more and more territory for themselves there is the very real possibility of them gaining their own state. Part of this comes from the general disarray of the Iraqi government following years of fighting as well as the current state of turmoil in Syria.

The Kurdish issue has been ongoing for decades now without much success for Kurdish independence. This could finally be the tipping point that ends the Sykes Picot Agreement and creates an independent Kurdish nation.


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